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Flooding in Mozambique

Maputo, 10 February.
The victims of the floods in Mozambique were 40 people. Not less than 120 thousand inhabitants of the southern African country have suffered.

Flooding almost the entire territory of the state summoned the strongest storm.Natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of buildings. More than 56 thousand people were left homeless.

The government provides assistance to victims, people are placed in temporary evacuation centers, provide food and clothing. On the eve of a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which discussed the effects of the disaster.

As emphasized by government spokesman Alberto Nkutumula, the threat of new disasters have not yet passed. Forecasters are predicting in the coming days, "a somewhat more intense than normal rainfall throughout the national territory."

Mozambique on a regular basis is at the mercy of water. The rainy season, which falls at the beginning of the year, often leads to flooding. The most devastating floods were in 2000, which killed over 700 people, and half a million homeless.



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