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Damage from natural disasters in 2011

Natural disasters that occurred in 2011, killed 30,000 people. A total of last year there were 302 natural disasters, which caused damage amounting to 366 billion dollars, that is three times more than the previous 2010 ...

These data led the experts the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Thus, the most destructive natural disaster became earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which killed nearly 20,000 people and caused damage amounting to 210 billion dollars.

Says Guha-Sapir Debbie from the Centre for the Study of Natural Disasters:

"Experience shows that neither the developed countries or countries with middle income countries are not immune from the devastating disasters. They need to devote more financial resources for the prevention of risks of natural disasters. However, to measure the damage can not only economic losses. When there is a disaster, people are dying - mothers and children, and it brings great damage to society. "

By the way, the most tragic in terms of natural disasters over the past 20 years was in 2010.Then killed 300,000 people - more than 200,000 of them - in the earthquake in Haiti, and 56,000 - as a result of heat waves and forest fires in Russia. 



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