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Chronicles of Katrina

In August 2005 the southern states of the U.S. Hurricane Katrina hit the strongest. A few days later he rode along the coast of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, destroying everything in its path. Was flooded the main city of Louisiana, New Orleans, flooded and destroyed villages in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Killed more than 1,000 people. 

Katrina - the eleventh in a row, "it is" extremely difficult in a hurricane in 2005 Atlantic season. For comparison, according to statistics, over the past 60 years the average number of "denominative" hurricane does not exceed ten. 

25/08/2005, the 
Storm Katrina formed in the Bahamas. He quickly began to move northward and strengthened to tropical storm strength. 
Coast hurricane reached August 23 at 80 miles per hour. It was expected that the power of Katrina will increase, but meteorologists said that the wind speed dropped to seventy miles per hour. 
Then a tropical storm "Katrina" again strengthened to a hurricane-level low power. August 25 National Center for tracking hurricanes in Miami awarded the hurricane "Katrina" first - the lowest category of force by the United States adopted a five-point scale. Because of the approaching tropical hurricane "Katrina" to the east coast of Florida (USA) at the airports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, for the next day was canceled all passenger flights. On the basis of weather forecasts blow "Katrina" was supposed to arrive late on the morning of August 25 or 26th local time on the coast of Florida near Miami length of 260 kilometers, where evening of November 24 more spread out the official storm warning. The area is home to around five million people. Governor of Florida declared a state of emergency throughout the state. At that point the wind speed at the epicenter of "Katrina" was 75 miles per hour, and then increased to 120 km / h. 
At that time, the hurricane "Katrina" moved "relatively slow", so he was given and then just lower the first category. 

26/08/2005, the 
Katrina struck the densely populated stretch of coast between settlements Hallandeyl Beach and North Miami Beach. In the area of the hurricane wind gusts reached 130 km / h, and the wave height reaches up to 4.5 meters. Gusty winds ripped the power lines. 
The hurricane was accompanied by significant rainfall. Hurricane victims are already three (according to other four) people in Fort Loderleyde, Plantation and Cooper City. Then become aware of the seven victims. 25-year-old man was killed when his car crashed on the high voltage cable, torn fallen tree. Still a young man crushed collapsed tree. The third, who was driving his car crashed into a tree, trying to overtake the debris on the road. Another five, members of the family Larsen - a family with three school-age children - were considered missing. Later they were found on an island, surrounded on all sides by water.Rescuers saw Edward and Bettina Larsen, along with her three children during a flyby of the affected area, 25 km north of the tip of Florida. 

According to the state energy company, with no light left more than 700 (1000 or more on other data) thousand. The hurricane also brought down the building on Florida Highway 836 overpass, west of Miami. Damage from the hurricane "Katrina" struck Florida, according to preliminary estimates of independent experts estimated at the time of the $ 600 million to $ 2 billion 
The hurricane reached the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the morning on November 26. By two o'clock Eastern Time United States, the center of Katrina was located directly over the Gulf of forty miles to the southwest of Marco Island and sixty miles northeast of Key West. 
Long-term monitoring of the National Hurricane Center showed that the second time Katrina was supposed to overtake the coast August 27 evening and early morning of August 30."We are extremely concerned that a hurricane is moving deep into the Gulf of Mexico" - confessed to Max Mayfield, director of the center. 

Already waiting for August 25th hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico pushed oil prices to new highs. Contracts for the supply of the Texas oil in morning trading on Friday reached the mark of $ 68 per barrel. Recall that it produces the lion's share of oil consumed in America. 

Knee-deep in water - to look like Miami, one of the largest seaports in Florida. Hurricane Katrina was already raging in the Gulf of Mexico. Flooded the streets, everywhere - the storm demolished trees and road signs. Schools closed, airports were not working. Local authorities opened shelters that provided first aid to victims and housing. People are forced to cross by swimming. 

The authorities of several southeastern U.S. states have declared a storm warning in connection with the approach of a hurricane, "Catarina." 
Experts from the National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami / Florida / reported that the hurricane of last night, passing over the Gulf of Mexico, much stronger, and now scientists have named it the third category of risk on a scale. Power of Wind "Katrina," then reached 185 km /. The epicenter of the hurricane, which continued to move westward at a speed of about 11 km / h, was then about 350 miles west of Key West. 

And many areas of Florida are still in the water. As was expected, "Katrina" was once again hit U.S. soil in the area between the states of Louisiana and Florida. 

Residents located in the lowland areas were invited to evacuate. Authorities recommended tourists to leave the coastal area, and local residents - to strengthen their homes to procure supplies of potable water and fuel. 

Later, President Bush declared a disaster State of Louisiana. 

The queues at petrol stations, and swept from the shelves of supermarkets all operating essentials. On the doors of shops have already started to appear such signs: "We are closed from today, and probably until Tuesday. It all depends on the weather. Say" thank you "to" Katrina. " 

More than a third of the reduced volumes of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico due to the approaching Hurricane Katrina. The United States is mined in the Gulf of Mexico, about a quarter of all the country's recoverable oil and natural gas: production of "black gold" is approximately 1.5 million barrels per day, and gas - 12,3 billion cubic meters per day. On Saturday, the oil companies had to reduce production of "black gold" at 563,000 barrels per day, gas production - by 1.9 billion cubic meters per day. 

The mayor's main city of the U.S. state of Louisiana in New Orleans, which is located below sea level and has a population of half a million people, Ray Nedzhin ordered the forced evacuation of residents due to the impending hurricane "Katrina", which has already been awarded the 5th, the highest category. The strength of the wind in the center of the hurricane reached 260-280 kilometers per hour. 

Residents of Louisiana began to leave their homes. On the streets of New Orleans has begun turmoil. Residents threw home, sat in the car and rushed out of the city - but it led to a rout of unprecedented traffic jams on major roads, cars are close, the traffic flow is moving very slowly. For those who for health reasons could not be evacuated, have been prepared ten fortified shelters, including asylum in the indoor stadium "Superdome", capable to accommodate up to 15,000 people. Three elderly people died in Louisiana. People can not stand the evacuation, one person died in the church, the other on the bus, and a third in the hospital. 

According to meteorologists, in the way of "Katrina" also had to be the states of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. Here, too, was declared a state of emergency. Residents of coastal areas of Mississippi, began to leave their homes. None of the hotels in the interior of the state it was impossible to find available rooms - they were all pre-booked for a few days before. 

In the Gulf of Mexico have been completely stopped all work on oil platforms, the port is closed. 

In the morning in electronic trading on the New York Stock Exchange prices of oil futures surpassed $ 70 a barrel. 

Katrina somewhat changed its course and has just east of the path, which she drew scientists. As a result, the main impact was not in New Orleans and the coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Nevertheless, situation in the city formed a drama. Children, floating on mattresses in the streets of the city, people wandering through the rooms of houses that have blown away. 

About 10,000 residents of New Orleans found refuge at the local stadium closed "Superdom," which became the only island in the middle of water flooded into the city - a sort of Noah's ark. Login to him was opened at noon on Sunday, and at half past eleven the night, with the onset of the curfew, the gates were closed. 

During the hurricane winds tore pieces of the roof with the largest stadium Superdome. In the top two through holes formed through which water flowed. People had to release the five sectors in the stands of the stadium, but the panic among them was observed. 
U.S. National Weather Service, tracking the progress of the hurricane "Katrina", reported "total structural damage" in some urban neighborhoods of New Orleans (Louisiana). Many buildings in the city have lost their roofs and windows, the streets strewn with rubble. In the port area was noted severe flooding. In the near Tarrytown in New Orleans on the street Wright Avenue from the hurricane "Katrina" collapsed apartment building in which were men.No light left more than 400 thousand families. 


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