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The Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923

Name received by the Kanto region, which suffered the greatest damage. In the West it is called as the Tokyo and Yokohama, as it almost completely destroyed Tokyo and Yokohama. 

The earthquake began September 1, 1923, in the afternoon. The epicenter was located in its 90 km southwest of Tokyo, on the seabed near the island of Oshima in the Sagami Bay.In just two days was 356 aftershocks, of which the first was the strongest. In Sagami Bay because of the change in the position of the seabed up 12-meter tsunami waves that devastated coastal communities. 

In Yokohama, which was 65 kilometers from the epicenter, as a result of aftershocks were immediately destroyed at least one fifth of the buildings. Everywhere at once started the fires, due to the strong wind the fire quickly spread. In the port of burning gasoline spilled on water, the flames reached 60 feet in height. Most of the fire-fighting equipment was destroyed when the first shocks, which seriously limited the ability to localize fires. 

In Tokyo, is 90 km from the epicenter, buildings were destroyed less than in Yokohama (in percentage), but also started fires everywhere that passeth by a strong wind, which caused the most damage. Escaping from the aftershocks and fires, residents fled to the open spaces - squares, parks - but it does not always help. In one of the areas of Tokyo, killing about 40 thousand people - they suffocated when lit up the surrounding area of the house.Fire-fighting equipment survived, but the earthquake destroyed the city water line, in many cases, the fire trucks could not pass through the narrow streets. In the end, tremors and fires have destroyed about half of the buildings in the city. 

The earthquake swept area of about 56 thousand km ². Main had a devastating impact on the south-eastern part of the province of Kanto. The earthquake and fires that followed him were practically destroyed Tokyo, Yokohama, Ekosuka and 8 smaller towns. In Tokyo, only the fire destroyed over 300,000 buildings (one million) in Yokohama, tremors have been destroyed 11,000 buildings and another 59,000 had burned. Another 11 cities have suffered less serious. 

360 of 675 bridges were destroyed by fire. Tokyo has lost all the stone buildings, was destroyed and the famous Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral, built by Bishop Nicholas vigil in 1891. Stood just a hotel "Imperial", built the year before the famous Frank Lloyd Wright. This hotel was the first in Japan, earthquake-resistant building stone [1]. The official death toll - 174 000, 542 000 more are unaccounted for, over a million homeless. The total number of victims amounted to about 4 million. 

The material damage suffered by Japan's Kanto earthquake, estimated at $ 4.5 billion, which was at that time, two annual budget and five times higher than the cost of Japan in the Russian-Japanese war.


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