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Beaufort Scale - dvenadtsatiballnaya scale was developed by the British Admiral F. Beaufort in 1806. Since 1874, accepted for use in international synoptic practice. Initially, it was not mentioned in the wind speed (added in 1926). 

In 1955, to distinguish between the winds of varying strength, the U.S. Weather Bureau has expanded the scale to 17 points. 

Adopted by the World Meteorological Organization to assess...


In August 2005 the southern states of the U.S. Hurricane Katrina hit the strongest. A few days later he rode along the coast of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, destroying everything in its path. Was flooded the main city of Louisiana, New Orleans, flooded and destroyed villages in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Killed more than 1,000 people. 

Katrina -...


Hurricane (in South-East Asia and the Far East is known as a typhoon) - a tropical cyclone formed in the tropics - an atmospheric vortex with a low atmospheric pressure at the center. In contrast, extratropical cyclones, are often fraught with storm wind speeds. 

It is believed that the storm becomes a hurricane with wind speeds over 117 km / h(32.6 m / s) - 12 points Beaufort.
Hurricane - one of Earth's atmospheric monsters, which, by...


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