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1332 China 
As a result of hunger and epidemics that occurred after floods killed about a million people. 

1570 The Netherlands 
The flood killed 20 thousand people. 

1876, India 
Surge floods killed more than 200 thousand people. As a result of epidemics broke out killing another 300 thousand 

1927 U.S. 
On the Mississippi River was one of the most devastating floods in the...


Flooding - significant flooding of the area as a result of rising waters in rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, due to the rains, rapid snow melt, wind surges along the coast and other reasons, which causes damage to human health and even lead to their death, and also cause damage to property. 

Floods occur in different ways. It may be Flood, annually recurring seasonal increase in river water after the melting snows and spring rains. At high water the...


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