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About 254 thousand years ago. O. North, New Zealand. Taupo volcano. 
Intensified the volcano covered with a thick layer of igneous rocks thrown a lot of space around the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The consequences of this disaster were visible at a distance of 10,000 km from the volcano. 

1636 BC O. Thira (Santorini), Greece. The volcano of Santorini. 
Almost the entire island literally exploded,...


The eruption of the volcano - a volcano in the process of ejection on the Earth's surface is red-hot fragments, ash, an outpouring of magma, which izlivshis on the surface, it becomes lava. The eruption may have a time period ranging from hours to years. Volcanoes are geological emergencies, which can lead to disaster. 

Types of volcanic eruptions 

Types of volcanic eruptions, as a rule, are named after famous volcanoes where...


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